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Women and Signs of Drug Addiction

The pitfalls of drug abuse knows no race, age or gender. Some people believe that women have a harder time coping with addiction because they think differently and some of them have the additional responsibility of taking care of a child. Nevertheless, just like drug addicted men, they also show almost the same signs of drug addiction when they become dependent on drugs.

Unfortunately, some drug addicted women do not refrain from using drugs even if they become pregnant. The drugs already caused their brains and bodies to change and they became dependent on the drugs. According to the Web MD website, when a pregnant woman continues to use drugs throughout her pregnancy, it can be very dangerous because her health is compromised; if her health is poor, there is a chance that she may not be able to carry the pregnancy to term. Moreover, she can pass her addiction to the fetus so when the baby is born, there is a possibility that it will also show signs of drug addiction or it will have congenital problems . If you’re interested and want to learn more about them, visit  drug rehab austin .

Signs of Addiction in Older Women
Just like pregnant women, elderly women are also more at risk if they do not address their drug abuse right away. As women get older, their tolerance levels decreases and it can aggravate any preexisting health conditions they have. The sad thing is, these women are afraid to seek treatment because of the stigma of mental disorders of people in their age group.

If you know someone, a mother, an aunt or even a grandmother, who is showing signs of drug addiction, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We have rehabilitation centers that give a variety of specialized treatment options for women addicts. Together, we can help her live a drug-free life once more.